Our team is strategically positioned worldwide and are ready to be dispatched with a moments notice.

About us

• Captain
• Chief Engineer
• Naval Architect
• Professional Engineer
• Project Manager
• Class Surveyor
• Class Engineer
• Port Engineer / Technical Superintendent
• Vice President / Director
• Safety & Technical Manager (Flag State)
• Flag State Inspector

Australia • France • Spain • St. Maarten • UK • USA

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United Maritime Survey's primary goal is to assist maritime professionals with regulatory issues. In a constantly changing regulatory world it is difficult to keep up - and that's where we come in.

Our team has a combined experience of over 210 years in the maritime industry. The diverse backgrounds of our global team of experts allow us to handle any regulatory hurdles you may be facing.

​Our team consists of individuals who have held the following positions in the yachting, bluewater, and offshore industries: