Flag state Surveys

Pre-Registration surveys:

The Marshall Islands required unclassed yachts, and classed yachts over 20 years of age, to undergo a Pre-Registration Survey.  These are for private yachts entering the flag or re-registering with a new owner. 

Private yachts are unable to charter unless a Private Yacht Limited Charter (PYLC) Compliance Verification takes place.

Private Yacht Limited Charter (PYLC) Compliance Verification:

The Marshall Islands allows Private Yachts of 18 meters or more to conduct up to 84 days of chartering per year.  In order to take advantage of this program the yacht must comply with certain safety requirements which includes a miniature safety management system (MINI-ISM), SOLAS Safety & Training Manual, Fire & Safety Plan, and a variety of safety equipment.

If you are interested in this program please contact us for details.

commercial Yacht Compliance Verification:

The Marshall Islands allows yachts of 24 meters or more to be registered as a Commercial Yacht.  In order to do so the yachts must undergo surveys and be certified to full compliance with the Marshall Islands Yacht Code (MI-103).

There are many yachts that, although not currently in class or originally built to commercial standards, are still excellent candidates to become commercially certified.  The Marshall Islands allows high caliber unclassed yachts, which are less than 500 gross tons, to be commercially certified and registered. Call today to discuss.

Marshall Islands Appointed representative

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Statutory Surveys

Both private and commercial vessels are required to comply with various international regulations depending on their length and gross tonnage.  Through our contract with the Marshall Islands Registry we are authorized to conduct these surveys and audits and issue the necessary certificates required for international compliance. 

If you are in need of certificates for ISM, ISPS, MLC, 2006, MARPOL, SOLAS Safety Radio, Anti-Fouling, or Tonnage contact us today.